Q: What is a Creator?

A: Creators on Showwcase are people who create content for people that know how to code. These can be dev writers, experienced coders, developers building projects, seasoned technology vets, engineering leaders, architects, and more that share information and their knowledge in the network.

They have the option to put a paywall behind some of their selected content, allowing them to monetise their knowledge whilst having a direct connection with their audience.

Q: What do you get as Creator?

A: Showwcase lets Creators create and share their content, help drive a bigger audience to you via our network of coders/developers, the ability to monetise your content via direct user subscriptions to you, analytics on your audience interactions, and all of this out of a box, with ~0 set up costs.

Q: How much does Showwcase cost?

A: If your content is free, you can use Showwcase for free, no matter how many Followers you have. If you want to start accepting Paid Subscribers, Showwcase charges 5% of your subscription revenue + a credit card fee charged by Stripe, which we use to process our payments.

When you begin accepting your first Paid Subscribers and receive payments, you'll be able to see our take rate and Stripe fees reflected in your Stripe dashboard.

Q: What is a Founding Creator?

A: Founding Creators are those Creators that have joined our Early Access programme to work with the Showwcase team in building a platform optimised around developer workflows, tools, and features.
Founding Creators also get:

  1. Social Status as a Founding Creator

  2. Access to a private creator community

  3. Early-access to features

  4. Audience analytics

  5. Creator Fund to support creator (Coming soon)

  6. Access to our product team and founders to discuss ideas, feedback, product roadmap

Q: How can I be a Founding Creator?

A: To be a Founding Creator you just need to fill in this form and let us get back to you. We do so pretty quick!

Q: How do I set up a Paid Subscription?

A: Paid Subscriptions are currently only available to Early Access Creators right now. Please fill up this form to get Early Access. Once you've gotten Early Access:

  1. Navigate to your Creator Dashboard → General

  2. Go to "Set up a paywall for your content" and click the button that says "Connect with Stripe".

  3. You'll be taken to Stripe's website, where you'll fill out a form with more details. Users won't see that you have paid subscriptions until you've successfully setup with Stripe.

  4. After you've returned to the Creators Dashboard, set a price for your monthly and yearly subscriptions.

  5. Next, customise the benefits for your subscriptions so your Subscribers can get a better understanding of what they'll get out of their subscription

Q: How do I revoke a subscription or remove someone from my list?


  1. Log in to your account and navigate to your Creator Dashboard → Subscribers.

  2. Scroll down to your list of subscribers and search for the relevant subscriber. Click the result.

  3. Click "Edit Subscription".

  4. You can choose to either "Revoke Subscriber Status" (cancels their paid subscription, but they remain a free subscriber) or "Remove From Email List" (cancels their paid subscription, if applicable, and unsubscribes them from your free list).

  5. When you revoke a paid subscription, they will receive a refund for their remaining time (for example, if you cancel a subscriber with two months left in their annual subscription, they'll get a refund for those two months, but not for the previous ten months).

Q: How do I put my Paid Subscription on hold?

A: To put a hold on your Paid Subscription tier, simply toggle the button that says "Enable paywall for your content". When your Paid Subscription tier is turned off (Gray colour):

  1. The billing cycles for all of your existing paid subscriptions will also be paused

  2. Paid Subscribers will still have access to your paid subscriber-only content, but they will not be charged until after you've unpaused

  3. Your Paid Subscribers will be notified that you have put your Paid Subscription on hold.

  4. You will not be able to sign up new Paid Subscribers

  5. Users in the network can still Follow you for free

  6. Putting your Paid Subscription tier on hold effectively extends subscription windows for existing subscribers. For example, if a paid subscriber had 12 days left on their subscription when you paused, then they will have 12 days left when you unpause regardless of how long you've been on pause.

When you're ready to start writing again, you can re-activate your paywall by toggling "Enable paywall for your content" (Green colour), which will resume the billing cycles of your paid subscribers.

Q: Can I customise my subscription benefits?

A: Yes. You can customize the benefits for your subscriptions so your Subscribers can get a better understanding of what they'll get out of their subscription.

Navigate to your Creator Dashboard → General. Under Paid Subscriber and Free Follower benefits, you can add benefits you will provide in your free tier and those you will add in your Subscription tier.

Q: How do I issue a refund to my subscribers?

A: If you need to issue a refund for reasons that have nothing to do with stopping a subscription, don't attempt to fix it yourself — just forward the request to and we'll take care of it for you. Please include the username and any relevant details of the subscriber who would like a refund.

Q: How do users subscribe to my content?

A: If you are a Creator on Showwcase, a modal will pop up when a user clicks to Follow you on your profile page. A user will be able to "Follow" your account for Free, or "Subscribe" to your content on a monthly or yearly basis.

Q: How do I get in touch with Showwcase?

A: You can email us at: team [at] showwcase [dot] com or join our Discord which can be found in the footer.

Want to get in touch? Tag us @ShowwcaseHQ on Showwcase, or email

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